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Red Rooster - Germanium Booster. Want to drive your valve amplifier into natural overdrive? Create valve overload at low volume settings? Need a treble booster, a bass booster, and a multi purpose full frequency old school flavoured solo booster? Biggty Bam! Check out the D*A*M Red Rooster. Does all of the above and some. Works wonders in zinging up muddy sounding fuzz boxes and will make weak or low output guitar pick-ups warmer, more dynamic and fuller bodied.

The reason for being. Two words. One name. Tony Iommi. That's kinda why this pedal exists. I like Black Sabbath...a lot. I heard years ago Tony used to use this crusty old effect from the early 1960's called the Dallas Rangemaster. The Rangemaster was a treble booster that came in a funky little folded steel desk top style enclosure. It had no footswitch or any means to control the frequency, just had a single control pot for the amount volume boost. Original Rangemasters are very scarce at the best of times, cost an absolute bloody fortune and are, to be honest, usually in need of some improvement for use in a modern day scenario.

So one of the rumours I heard about Tony's original Rangemaster was that is was modified. Modified to do what I did not know. Kinda made sense to me that more gain and a tunable filter or frequency control would be smart way of getting me into the sonic realms of the dark master. I made my simple improvements (circa 2003) on the original circuit and built them into a sexy little red box. Enter the Red Rooster and its plan:

1. True bypass switching. The Rooster is totally removed from the guitars signal when in bypass mode, it will not bleed through and dull your guitars original tone.

2. Features a 'Range' control so treble, full range and bass boost can be acquired. It also means it is well suited to either single coil or humbucking pick-ups of varying output and gain levels.

3. Uses a specially selected and tested high grade Mullard germanium transistor. Usually an OC71 or an OC45.

4. Adjustable biasing so that the germanium transistor is correctly set up to produce a bold, clear dynamic tone with a good amount of sustain.

5. Low noise circuitry using high grade Ero Vishay film capacitors, BC components Electrolytic capacitors and 1% tolerance metal film resistors.

6. A heavy duty cast aluminium enclosure finished in a highly durable powder coated paint job.

7. High quality passive components such as audio grade Omeg potentiometers, Daka-Ware control knobs and Neutrik jack sockets.

The Controls

Range - makes the unit capable of producing crystal clear shimmering highs to a fat grunting wall of bass.

Boost - sets the overall output and gain levels. Pushing it up past half way makes things a lot more hairy and really shoves that valve amp into overdrive.

The Sounds

Red Rooster page sound clips written and performed by Philip James Johnston. Copyright 2011 Pinstripedclips Click below to play.