What is it? A limited availability exclusive membership subscription that gives one indulged access to bespoke D*A*M creations.

What does one receive? Over the year period of your membership, you'll receive 4 one-time event custom-made D*A*M pedals.

How much does it cost? £2'500 (+VAT where applicable) for a 1-year membership.

How does it work? Once your membership fee is paid, you'll then receive pedals at quarterly intervals over the year of membership.

Where and when? Membership fee subscriptions open on the 1st August 2023. The approximate time frame completion windows for each pedal within the 2023-2024 membership are thus.

30th October 2023 [completed]
29th January 2024 [completed]
29th April 2024
29th August 2024

Please note: any available subscriptions purchased once any quarterly time frames are completed will have that unit shipped immediately upon clearing of funds received.

For over 20 years, D*A*M Stompboxes have produced some of the finest and most thoroughly researched vintage influenced fuzz devices available. The order of 11:11 is an indulgence into the realms of archaic fuzz tones that, on a personal level, can bring many years of sonic exploration and satisfaction, and from a financial standpoint be a very sound investment.

Guaranteed details
I. All pedals supplied will be made by myself, David A. Main, using vintage construction techniques via the use of either/and/or Veroboard, terminal strip, tag board or point-to-point wiring on Tufnol sheets.
II. All pedals to be produced in the classic D*A*M format, that being, a heavy duty die-cast aluminium enclosure, measuring 152mm x 82mm x 50mm.
III. You will receive at least one fully germanium transistorized vintage themed replication within your membership.
IV. All pedals supplied will be totally exclusive to the order of 11:11 and will not be available for sale elsewhere.
V. All design and production work will occur in secret and, at no time, will any prior knowledge of what one may receive be given.
VI. The yearly membership fee covers all associated shipping costs to your destination, but does not include import charges or custom clearance fees that may apply once the pedals enter into your country.
VII. Due to the nature of the work involved, once your membership fee is paid, no cancellations are accepted.


Additional wordage and small print

For some, this concept will evoke feelings of extreme horror and revulsion, and in others, feelings of exuberant joy, excitement and uplifting power. To each his own. What one man does with his own money is no business of others. For those that connect with the idea and have trust in me and my work, I feel this will be a fruitful endeavour for all involved.
The main core concept of the idea is the receipt of a secret creation. The surprise package. It has greater meaning this way, but those that know my work will be aware of the nature and the quality of the items that they shall receive. As clearly stated above. No cancellations. Should one or any of the pedals you receive greatly not satisfy you on a personal level, no ill-blood or negative feelings will be manifest from myself should these items be sold for whatever price you deem appropriate.
All product names, circuit designs and construction layouts are all intellectual property of David Andrew Main and Differential Audio Manifestationz (D*A*M Stompboxes).

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