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High-caliber tonal performance combined with extensive attention to construction detail and component selection. The D*A*M Fuzz Sound FS-77 - a finely crafted distortion system built around three precisely tested and tuned germanium transistors that offer unrivaled performance and sonic capabilities presenting the musician new and often unexplored territories in the realm of fuzz tone. The means of construction of the FS-77 unveils a device of superior longevity and ruggedness often not seen in modern floor operated devices.

The FS-77 features a unique two-band tone control section capable of a multitude of coloration and tonal tailoring making it a suitable device for not only vintage shades of distortion but also more modern timbres of fuzz tone. Each FS-77 is built around three specially tested and selected vintage British made Mullard germanium semiconductors that deliver unrivaled quality and tonal performance not seen in modern day types. The device types fitted will vary from batch to batch due to the specific requirements needed to create such a finely tuned circuit.

Please note: The FS-77 operates on a positive ground powering system so therefore requires its own power source or a multi-way power supply featuring isolated outputs. The FS-77 cannot be daisy chained from a single power source along with standard negative ground types effects.

Dimensions: 172x121x55mm
Finish: Nylon coated
Power Supply: PP3 battery, 2.1mm DC input
Controls: Sustain, Level, Tone, Balance
Construction: Tag board
Transistor selection: Mullard OC8X, OC4X, OC7X series
Inception date: February 2014
Units produced to date: 51