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Please Note: The D*A*M Professional MKII is only produced for Kitahara Gakki Inc, Tokyo, Japan.

The D*A*M Professional MKII is a rebuild of the mighty Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII that was produced between 1966 and 1968. The D*A*M MKII is the only straight on exact replica that D*A*M produce and with good reason too. The Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII basically needsno improvement!! With the right kind of set-up it is one of the finest sounding British fuzz boxes ever made. Our MKII is a part for part sound for sound recreation of an original Sola Sound made pedal. Several vintage MKII's and Supa Fuzzes (A Marshall branded MKII) have been used as reference to fine tune and perfectly replicate the exact tone of an original vintage MKII.

Your MKII will be fitted with high quality British made Mullard,Philips,NKT(Newmarket)germanium transistors to ensure the same lush fuzz tones that the originals have. Your MKII will usually be fitted with a trio of OC82DM's but I have used many different Mullard types in the past including OC75,OC71,OC78D,OC82D,OC84 and when available the legendary OC81D's. Good quality germanium transistors certainly don't grow on trees hence the necessity to have to switch from one type to another.

These pedals are built like the original units and therefore do not feature a power socket or a LED indicator. This classic fuzz box sounds far superior when running from battery juice and has very little current drain so a DC socket is not necessary. The use of Zinc battery types is highly recommended. A no hassle battery drawer is fitted to make that battery change over a breeze. As for the lack of a LED indicator?...well you'll know when this beastie is on that's for sure!!

Your D*A*M MKII is as close as you can get sonically and construction wise to owning the real thing but of course minus the heavy duty price tag, it would be considered quite reasonable to pay £1'200+ for a clean example of a vintage Sola Sound built MKII. Your D*A*M MKII has the exact same parts values as the original units and does prefer to be used with vintage voiced pick-ups. Modern high output humbuckers will work perfectly well but you may experience a slight loss in output level on the fuzz tone when compared to your clean tone. Single coil or PAF style humbuckers are recommended. Just like the original Sola Sound Made MKII's the D*A*M MKII uses British made germanium transistors. These devices are carefully selected to create the exact tonal character and break-up of the original Sola Sound made units. Ero Vishay & BC Components capacitors are also used along with Carbon composition resistors to help create the true sound and experience of a real 1960's MKII.


Dimensions: 152x82x50mm
Finish: Tri-mite Hammertone
Power Supply: PP3 battery
Controls: Level, Attack
Construction: Veroboard
Transistor selection: Mullard OC8X, OC7X series
Inception date: September 2004
Units produced to date: 425