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Technicians of Space station Earth this is your Captain speaking...

Mission update>>>>>New orders received from our Alien masters>>>>Direct contact made with their prime master, Darllum>>>>Transmission begins...

People of Earth station Alpha*00/01 this is your master speaking. The slow pace of your mental evolution still troubles my race. Our pre-selected Earth construction fleet for the High Vibratory Module, FS-75, has not initiated sufficient units to aid the elevation of consciousness required for you to fully grasp reality as it truly is. Lesser, supplementary modules have also failed to achieve the depth of mental penetration required. We have decided to intervene directly with our Earth based construction fleet. We offer to you our technologies in hope they realize true reality to the bearer.

Atomic vibrations must be increased. Earth based construction fleet, D*A*M*00/03, have been issued the use of our high vibratory technology. These technologies will affect the human creature’s senses in the following ways.


#01. Frequency shift of mind state. Observing the new module will alone increase the viewers thought process. Raising the viewers frequency range thus raising positive thoughts and therefore the positive actions he or she will take.



View the HVM (High Vibratory Module) ST-07 for a period of 30 seconds. Avert your stare to a neutral space a listen…

This visual frequency shift state when combined with the auditory molecular frequency shift state allows the full alignment and harmony of the atomic mass within the user. He/She will experience intense moments of elation combined with deep joy.


#02. Greater understanding of user interface. Use of your chosen HVM will now be pre-programmed into your DNA. You will be able to operate your chosen HVM with less instruction and with greater viewing ability. Even in Moon light hours your HVM will be illuminated in a cleansing blue hue. The operation dials will also prevail in Moon light hours aiding the operator in his/her task.

User confusion may arise. The special Azure pigmented coating on the HVM’s housing may perplex users of the original HVM’s. Alarm need not be granted. The use of your Earth bound environment has been fully relieved in the construction process the HVM. The HVM’s housing only exists at a point in time between our dimensions.

Each of the HVM’s have been allocated a code number to aid the user identify the module in use and whence the module was created. Abstract terms of description of differently similar modules have been abandoned. High vibrations and positive thoughts are greater achieved through simple means.

These modules still remain as Earth bound incarnations and are still viewed by Earthly creatures as being of Earthly origin. The primitive appearance of the electronic events internalized inside the HGM’s serve as a cloaking device to hide our Alien technologies from the Black forces of your World Governments.

The exchange of currency within Capitalist systems is still required to feed and clothe the force of the Earth based construction fleet. The monies exchanged for modules remains unchanged until the year 2011.

I, and my race, trust these processes are confirmed by all associated in the use of distortion beam technology.

Higher and further.


...Transmission end>>>>Orders relayed and activated>>>>HVM’s modules are primed and ready for use>>>>Seek further information via Space probe *f0rUm*001>>>>We have arrived>>>>Transmission out>>>>>

~Captain of the Ship