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Introducing the Emanating Fist Electronics, Black Acid - tone distorter. Taking the original concept of the D*A*M Meathead that was applied to the silicon model of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, the Black Acid offers a traditional EQ response suited to those that favour the vintage flavour but still require the increased gain and output levels with the modern day stability and performance of the Meathead circuit.

Built around two gain selected epitaxial silicon transistors the Black Acid delivers an intense yet smooth and full-bodied fuzz tone. The EQ response is wide and even with an open broad lift on the full tonal spectrum. The on-board "drive" control can further aid the refinement of your desired fuzz tone by either augmenting or diminishing the natural chubbiness and density that this circuit type can produce. Wide open the "drive" control will give you maximum bass and gain response further driving the intensity of the fuzz tone produced. Decreasing this control will add clarity and help preserve natural pick attack and picking dynamics and aid interaction with higher output pick-up types. The increased output levels of the Black Acid also gives this circuit type greater communion with lower tuning types than its vintage counter parts.

The EFE Black Acid offers superior quality vintage distortion tones delivered as a rugged high specification and cost effective package. Whether you seek those classic early 70's Arbiter fuzz tones or whether you seek a fuzz device cable of moving a huge quantity of air the Black Acid has the means to deliver.

Fuzz control

For those not familiar with the primitive nature of the voltage feedback type fuzz circuit a few words may be necessary to explain the behaviour of this control. The simplest way to understand the use of this control is to use it in the sense of attenuation - begin with it set at its maximum setting and lower to taste. The more intense fuzz tones are to be found in the last quarter of the rotation so only subtle movements are necessary. The less intense fuzz tones found with the dial set at the noon position and below become useful when the pedal is used with an overdriven valve amplifier. Please note: It is totally normal for this dial to produce a slight static noise as it is adjusted.


Dimensions: 172x121x55mm
Finish: Powder coat
Power Supply: PP3 battery, 2.1mm DC input
Controls: Drive, Fuzz, Volume
Construction: PCB
Transistor selection: CDIL BC109C & BC108C
Inception date: August 2012
Units produced to date: 97