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seattle fuzzouts

Post by jerms »

hey all, been wanting to do this for a while now.... compile all the seattle fuzzouts in one place to make it easier to find things.... finished! 125 threads on pedals and 7 threads for amps.... probably still do a bit more reaaranging but it's pretty cool now i think....


selmer buzztone
'65 germanium pepbox vs jermanium pepbox
perfboard fuzzrite
germanium fuzzrite shootout
sanner fuzzrite
applied banshee fuzz and conrad buzz box volume expander
applied banshee fuzz
maestro FZ-1S and FZ-1B
monacor fuzzder, LRE fuzz sound, sekova wedge
monacor fuzzder and LRE fuzzsound
60's FZ-1A copy
check this 60's FZ-1A clone
daveys corner.... FZ-1A fun...
italian tonebender extravaganza
an electric eye, 2 loony's and a 1965
MKI shootout
MKI's castledine vs pigdog
jerms MKI's
MKI/MKI supa fuzz shootout
MKI.5 fest
MKI.5 shootout... D*A*M/pigdog/sola sound
2 vintage MKII's
vintage and new MKII off
MKII OC81D shootout
origminal vs D*A*M MKII shootout
MKII/supa fuzz shootout
MKII, MKI.5 vs jerms MKII/MKI.5
B&M champion fuzz
D*A*M MKIV-park fuzzsound-vox MKIII
D*A*M/colorsound MKIV-vintage yellow MKIV
MKIII/MKIV shootout
3 fuzzarounds and a dizzytone
fuzzaround/ indica/ spectrafuzz
spectra fuzz vs fuzzaround
a wizard a klipp and a klipper
jennings one knob vs colorsound D*A*M one'er
zonks!! OG zonk vs FZ-673 vs blunder zonk
zonks!!!! zoinks!!!!!
OG zonk and DAM variants
zonk II
thor headphone amp
fuzz face shootout
silicon fuzzfaces
red fuzz face shootout
baby fuzz
super fuzz showdown
super fuzz shootout
jax super fuzz vs royal fuzz
roland bee baa
roland double beat
univox squarewaves
univox square waves
kay fuzz and univox squarewave
no name overdrive - coron
coron octave 2 and memphis b i-octave
memphis bi-octave]
maxon D&S shootout
lovetone ? and pigdog buzzaround
lovetone ring stinger
lovetone big cheese
brown source vs foxy brown
cornish NG-2 vs NG-3
cornish SS-3
P-1 vs J-1
Gerd Schulte Compact Phasing A
Kwm Klone vs klon
new klon old klon
klon klon balls mixup
maximal fuzz
monolith kings head
monolith spectre > rosac distortion blender
monolith spectres
monolith oracles new and old
vintage foxx tone machine and '74 fender blender
octave down pedals
chrisq's MKI and matamp 2000
way huge blue hippo and monolith santa muerte
PLL madness
acetone FM-3
new nu-fuzz vs oldies
civil war and tall font muffs w/ an elk
elk wau-sustainar and black cat ring mod
seamoon fresh fuzz (ver, 1)
eurotec black box
3 de marco pedals
demarco glassbender and butler tube driver
spam spam not spam
spam can vs jerms spamfactory
creepyfingers mas mutantes
trio of treble boosters
OG sinfhoton vs creepy sinfhoton
montarbo sifhotons...
sugar boost deluxe
boss DB-5
mahoney buzz and cal tones vs OG bosstones
triple bosstone shootout
wah wah extravaganza
tubeworks shred and dynastar tube distortion
fuzz munchkin vs XB-80
pro co JUGGERNAUT!!!
rats again!
rat shootout... 78 big box/86 small box/clone
Basic Audio blowout!!
mini boogee!!!
modded JHS fuzzIII
sam ash fuzz-stainer
sam ash fuzzstainer vs clone
1 two knob guild foxey lady
2 two knob guild foxey ladys
EHX oddity, 3 transistor axis fuzz....
massive muff madness
ram head shootout
rangemaster vs roosters
pigdog drivers: competiton and mini
D*A*M wow fuzz and friends
ghost warmjet
jerms pepbox
viking headphone amp
D*A*M FZ781 j type fuzz vs D*A*M gravity isolator
D*A*M lucifer and freinds...
D*A*M fuzzsounds
D*A*M MKI vs D*A*M 1965
Zekes old and new W/bass & guitar
D*A*M FZ-781
savage henry: silicon vs germanium
EFE acid and dope plus dope vs XB
head buzzes
dragnnfly shootout
old and new greasers
head buzz shootout
'72 PNP triangle big muff
dearmond twister and infanem faye sing
MKII fest!!
orpheum fuzz fest
spaceface vs landgraff
schaller fuzz
elk big muff vs elk super fuzz sustainer
octave fuzzes... orbiter content!
foxx tone machines...
MKI mayhem!!
early triangle muff and 74 ram head
OG dizzytone vs dizzy tuned fuzzbound
FZ-1 #4115
John Hornby Skewes Shatterbox
OG zonk and DAM variants
Digi2T PLL Clone
Muff Shootout
Final Phase
Schulte vs Maxon Phaser
buzzaround shootout
PLL with arpeggiator and seamoon funk machine
PLL clone, 2face, lion-X, meatball and memory man
DAM AA vs vintage FZ-1A's
DAM/Sola MK II Comparison
castledine and DAM MKII's (OC84 and OC75)
orpheum fuzz
knight fuzz
iron butterfly fuzz wah
castledine olympic and drybell vibe
interfax HP-1 fuzz
thunderbird clutch
juggernauts new and old
foxx clean machine


'62 ampeg echo twin
colorsound mighty atom!!!!
el pico AC-88
56 fender deluxe
matamp series 2000
small amp shoot out
Garnet BTO amp!!!
RSC amplifier
Vox Supreme
garnet H-zog


crumar orchestrator
Having fun with an SH-101 (with two dearmond thunderbolts and RE-301)
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by Funky Druid »

Very cool!
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Post by Philip »

Busy bees.
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Post by daCod »

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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by chankgeez »

Pretty crazy. Thank you.
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by innerflight »

Great idea man
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by edkoppel »

wow! :crackjam:

you dudes are fucking awesome for doing all of these.
such a great resource for the rest of us.
many thank you's///
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by jreeves47 »

Ditto to what else has been said- just listened to a few. I'll be coming back to this thread for a while!
Got any flangers?
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by waveclipper »


This should really be a sticky...
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Re: seattle fuzzouts

Post by jerms »

^^^^^ yeah, dev and i talked about this quite awhile ago... i'm sure he'll sticky it when he sees it...

and thanks everyone! and there's still more in there i have to dig up!

jreeves47 wrote: Got any flangers?
just the lovetone ? so far IIRC...
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