D*A*M Red Rooster w/Elitist Casino,Deluxe Reverb, Attenuator

Visual and Audio delights of D*A*M and other such noise makers.

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D*A*M Red Rooster w/Elitist Casino,Deluxe Reverb, Attenuator

Post by smogfalls » Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:02 pm


Yet another demo of the Red Rooster. This time I’m using it with my Epiphone Elitist Casino. This is going into my Deluxe Reverb (w/Cannabis Rex). I’ve used my home made Attenuator to push the amp into natural overdrive at friendly volume levels. The settings on the amp are;

Normal Channel - Volume = 6.5, Treble = 6, Bass = 2

Red Rooster settings are Range = 7 o’clock (full treble boost) and Boost = 1 o’clock

So, this is all just random slow noodles to better show the gorgeous textures you can get with the Rooster and P90’s. Through out the demo, I alternate between the following...
Rooster off, Rooster On, Pickup Change and Volume Changes. Anyway, here it is...


Let me know what you think.
Xan :)
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Re: D*A*M Red Rooster w/Elitist Casino,Deluxe Reverb, Attenuator

Post by Tonebender » Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:25 pm

Superb tone Xan, and nice playing too :tu:

The Casino is a great guitar :dance:
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