Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

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Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by waveclipper » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:32 pm

Based on Jimmy Behan's original germanium fuzzrite this be one loud wee fuzzer with volume/depth pots and on/off battery switch.
Easier to get Innagadda tone with this than with a silicon version but it's the response to guitar volume/pickup/tone controls that really surprised me. Great garage fuzzy :)

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Re: Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by superslidetail » Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:09 pm

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Re: Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by charge » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:07 pm

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Re: Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by HorseyBoy » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:46 am

Great little tune, waveclipper, and the fuzz sounds great. Much more versatile than I imagined.
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Re: Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by innerflight » Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:19 pm

sounds great man, ace playing as always :party:
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Post by Gary » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:58 pm

Been drooling over Jimmy's builds for ages now. Glad he's back in the saddle and I can drool once more. Don't suppose you can do or know of any demos comparing this and D*A*M Fuzzrong? Always wanted the FR69 but ended up getting the FR70 which is great but still on the lookout for a good Fuzzrite Ge. Cheers!

Here's my take on the FR70
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Re: Super Electric germanium Fuzzrite

Post by psycho*daisies » Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:36 am

Wow, sounds great! Nasty nasal fuzz…love it! Cool tune, also...great picking, as always!
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