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Re: Lets talk compressors

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NewarkWilder wrote: I need a serious pummel-you-in-the-face dirty channel to be the bad cop to my fender's good cop :hihi:
Ahhh yes, that Sir is a good idea for sure. I have a Fender Deluxe Reverb for my cleans and a Marshall JCM2555SL (Jubilee) with matching 4x12 Cab for dirty tones and it absolutely owns! I know I am very lucky to have the 2555SL but you can still get a Jube for a decent price. Stick with the 100watters though, the 50watters don't have the same power. (the 100 watters do have a half power switch to put it into 50watt mode if you fancy keeping the volume down a bit when cranking the output master). Fucking great amps, the best Marshalls ever in my opinion and I know alot of people agree.
Anyway, I use a home made A/B switch box to go between these 2 amps and I'm getting results beyond great!
Xan :)
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