British Racing Green Drag N Fly - OC139

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Post by modeerf »

classy looking fly there.
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Post by cajone5 »

Yep -- prob my favorite color of these :drool:
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Post by Dudewater »

I got one in the same batch, my first DAM pedal, still probably my favourite and i could never let go of it haha
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Post by Francus1971 »

i really like to play one of these :bangs head:
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Post by mjkk »

There are a bunch for sale right now. Go grab one up! Or just wait for a Black Acid, loverly pedal :)
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Re: British Racing Green Drag N Fly - OC139

Post by Allicio »

I just got the companion to your BRG fly
Many many thanks to Joe!
I absolutely love this!!

Its got oc139 in are these common in the fly's?
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Re: British Racing Green Drag N Fly - OC139

Post by bluemoon »

Fuzzz ,

I just bought your pedal from another member. It is arrived yesterday in Chicago after shipping from England.

Very cool. A little different from my df-05 that I sold. But good different. A little smoother perhaps.

Very happy to have a drag n fly back in the mix.




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Re: British Racing Green Drag N Fly - OC139

Post by Fuzzz »

Woo hoo! There she is! What a beauty :badlove: Aye , this is definitely a spectacular little 'Fly!

I agree this one is smoother sounding - one of if not the best Drag N Fly I tried. Killer pedal! :freakout:

Congratulations! :cheers:
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Re: British Racing Green Drag N Fly - OC139

Post by burgersalad14 »

I have purchased one of these recently from the user API. Absolutely brilliant! Great amazing OD tones and cleanup! Real dynamic with my hollow body p-90s. Don't think ill ever see this one go!
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