Anyone use the Drag'n'fly for Gilmouresque tones?

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Anyone use the Drag'n'fly for Gilmouresque tones?

Post by theanalogdream »

Hi everyone, first post here on the D*A*M forum! :badteeth:

I'm looking at snagging one of these really soon,
I sent an email to V&R, and can't wait to hear back.

Anyways, to the anyone using the "'fly" to cop some early Gilmour/Floyd Tones?
The clips on the D*A*M site sound like the quest for the fuzz sound in my head could be found shortly
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Post by CitizenAudio »

You definitely could get some of those turns with the bias adjusted more towards the silicon side. What makes D*A*M pedals so great is their sensitivity to amps and guitars. They don't choke your sound to 1 kind of sound but largely depend on your setup.

Alas, you have done all you can and now must wait. Keep in mind that a response to V&R might be late but be assured you will not be looked over when it comes to placing yourself on the list.
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Re: Anyone use the Drag'n'fly for Gilmouresque tones?

Post by Scott »

The bias knob takes this pedal to wonderful places! we are very lucky to have a builder such as Dave. This world can sucks sometimes, but the tones that we all get from his pedals puts that shit aside for awhile. Okay maybe that was a bit too dramatic but it's how i feel. DAM forever!!
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