Suggestions to alternatives?

The classic American huge hair based sustaining device.

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Re: Suggestions to alternatives?

Post by Jeuk » Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:21 pm

Graham wrote:Well I have most of the originals and a particularly nice sounding wide bodied green DAM Ram Head (which is first class) - I also freely admit to not being into modern stuff so dont know anything of the bulk of what you will be recommended here BUT what I do have and would have no hesitation in recommending one to you is one of Erich's (Diceworks) pedals - in amongst a special he built for me (that included a few early versions of tonebender as well as a buzzaround) he had a section that basically covered just about every single EH Muff option available - (including various highly regarded modifications) I am sure somebody else here can put you in touch but the thing you need is called the "Diceworks Muff Driver (or maybe its the Muff Finale)" and I give it Grahams five star rating - very cheap too if a little uninspiring on the cosmetics - Erich is a friendly and communicative guy and puts his efforts into getting the sound right - he freely admits that fancy pedal decoration is not his thing! - I just checked mine out and amongst the available configurations are:options all the way from the original Triangle version through the various Cornish modded setups and some of the Colorsound type tonebender circuits that emulated if not actually copied the Muff design - there are something like 24 different switching combinations that cover about every versio you might have ever heard of - Where I have the originals and have A/B'd them they always turn out pretty darn good!!

I would be more cautious in bigging up another builders gear here if it werent for the fact that currently Dave has decided to discontinue the Ram - so do yourself a favour and google Diceworks!
Cheers Graham

Jeuk wrote:So, I once had a dream of one day owning a modern version of the big muff ram's head with the same classic tone.
I liked all the clips I heard on various sites online, and was pretty set on buying one at some point (when funds were available). Then it got discontinued. Shame. Nonetheless, I heard a few clips online of Skreddy's Pinkflesh and it sounded quite good as well, at least in terms of gilmouric tone and signal chain. It, also, has been retired from production.

So now I am kind of stuck. I want a ram's head tone, I want a modern version of it (bypass, dc power, led, other pluses, but mostly the price of vintages and my inability to fix them if something were to happen), but I can't seem to find something that fits the description.

So if anyone here has any cool suggestions, please do share links to media and descriptions. I'll be happy to rediscover a new hope.
Thanks. :party:
Wow. You might have just hit the mark with this one.
Versatility in this thing:
Is quite impressive.

And I believe the pedal you might be talking about is: ... 1|240:1318

Which is almost everything I could ask for and more.
I mean, everyone's input has been extremely helpful, but a lifetime service policy and 48 hour return policy for a custom build pedal? It sounds almost too good to be true.
If anyone has any other experiences with diceworks, please do share. I've looked at just about each option presented in this thread, all of them had great potential, but perhaps this is the pedal that fulfills my almost impossible demands?

I'll try to get in contact with Erich to see if he can get the idea of what I'm trying to achieve and recommend a pedal.

Thank you to EVERYONE.
I don't think I've ever been on a forum so helpful and informative. I'll definitely stick around here for a while to learn and progress.
Cheers. :cheers:
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