I thought I’d share my music.

Post sounds and videos of bands you dig on, even your own.

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I thought I’d share my music.

Post by dangergirlstarship » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:27 am

My first studio effort was record at a wherehouse studio done on a 60s Mixing board. The sounds are very ambient. Recorded in 2012.


My second effort is a indie rock mixed with ambient rock sounds and there is some cool fuzz sounds. I recorded this at my home in my personal studio. My friend Jeff G did the setup and recording. It’s not perfect...well it’s perfect to me but the songs feel rushed and incomplete but it’s kinda solid. I’m thinking that I’ll record it again as the new versions are better and compete in my eyes. It was the first album that has drums (boss rc-3) so a update revision of this album is a thought. Recorded in 2016


My third effort was done in a home studio in town and it sounds great. It’s my personal favorite. I used a swollen pickle mki for the fuzz tones. It’s more instrumental rock than the last two albums. This is a personal album for me because it was written in time of Change and confusing times and conflict and just mess up shit in my life. Recorded in 2019.

https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/pvher ... -and-mercy

Following songs should listen to:

Surf Worshiper
Crystal Clearwater
The Unforgiven
Killer bears at the wedding.

Hope you enjoy.
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