most important distortion us-patents

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most important distortion us-patents

Post by Bert Ohlsson » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:11 am

The most important US distortion-patents I've found so far:
Snoddy & Hobbs, 1965, US3213181, Gibson, Tone modifier for electrically amplified electro-mechanically produced musical tones -
Plunkett, Nuys & Kushner, 1970, US3530224, North Hollywood, Foot controlled coninuously variable preference circuit for musical instruments [wah-wah] -
Freeman, 1970, Cambridge, Mass., US3544694, Pickup and waveforming circuitry for electronic musical instrument -
Holman, 1971, Kaman Co, Conn. US3553338, Music amplifier with tone modifying stage -
Lace, 1973, Motorola, Ill., US3755626, Electronic control circuit -
Jahns, 1976, US3973461,CBS, Fullerton, Distortion control circuit -
Knoppel, 1979, US4150253, LA, ITE Ltd: Signal distortion circuit and method of use -
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