Tonebender mk1.5 & Gary Hurst (through API)

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Tonebender mk1.5 & Gary Hurst (through API)

Post by Bert Ohlsson » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:13 pm

15 dec 2010, in thread "Sola Sound MKIIs - 2 transistor vs. 3 transistor model", API wrote:

"The only reason I named that pedal Mk I.5 was because when I found mine it did not say Mk II
on the case even though it looked like one and it seemed to sit timewise inbetween the Mk I
and the Mk II. I got my Mk I.5 before I found my Mk I so I automaticly asumed that the Mk I was
a two transistor pedal. I was very surprised when I finally got the chance to talk to Gary Hurst
(after i tracked him down in Italy about 10 years ago) to learn that the Mk I had three transistors.
His exact words were "The Tonebender always had three transistors". When I confronted him with
pics of my two transistor Mk 1.5 he claimed that he did not know about such a pedal. And again
when I interwieved him last year he again claimed that he could not rememebr a two transistor
Tonebender but added that anything could have happened since they tried alot of different things
in that period."
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