EFE LR-01 Olympia vs Standard

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EFE LR-01 Olympia vs Standard

Post by freddy_von »

Has anyone had the chance to compare the two 'Particle Series' LR-01's? The Standard and the Olympia.
Or, has anyone had the pleasure of playing an Olympia model and would care to give me a tone rundown?
I'm thinking about picking one of these up, but not sure to go with the Standard or Olympia.
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Smelt Xyana
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Re: EFE LR-01 Olympia vs Standard

Post by Smelt Xyana »

I have an Olympia particle, I put it behind my black acid...idk wtf tone is other than it sounds good or like stupid farts, but that treble control comes in handy with everything.. synths/guitar/peizo tin cans...
fuzz fully saturated with the treble at 1oclock is perfect fuzz tone. :trippn: :blaze:
oh yeah...why the frell wont the particle LR take a daisy chain....there were no warnings.
I need to invest in a power brick anyways grrr.
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Re: EFE LR-01 Olympia vs Standard

Post by Space_Case »

Sorry super late to the game on this, but if you're still interested to know I've got a particle series version of the Olympia and full size version of the standard. In general I'd say I prefer the standard one as I find the Olympia to be more thin and 'bee's in a jar' like which is usually less to my taste for what I play. I'd say that the standard often falls more into the Grease Box domain with more of a mid-range focus though with a different texture to the way it distorts.
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