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Re: GB-88

Post by underorbit » Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:12 am

Wow and then he dropped the price to $250 which I was gonna offer him $300 and now it’s sold.
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Re: GB-88

Post by Space_Case » Mon May 06, 2019 1:56 pm

I really dig the GB-88 at the moment and as some of the other people noted it absolutely kills it with the mids. I know it was intended to be what a tonebender circuit would be in the 80's but I like to also think of it as something with the heft of a MkII that still has a tone knob but it doesn't get almost buzzy like I find a MKIII or MKIV might sometimes give you. That being said I do think there's some similarities to the Fuzz Sound though my reference is the FS-77 (which I absolutely love) and not the FS-75 (which I've never had the pleasure yet of trying).

If you're going to compare it to the FS-77 and try to match the sounds you'd probably be looking at setting the balance knob on the FS-77 somewhere between 8-11 o'clock because I find that above that the FS-77 gets an openness to it's sound that almost seems to get into Buzzaround territory (though with what seems to be a smoother possibly less gated fuzz if that makes sense), whereas with the GB-88 it seems to be more concerned in delivering really full chords with a really filled out sound.
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