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An Emanating Fist Electronics presentation. Lucifer Rising ~ super-alpha overdrive. A superior quality three stage germanium transistor driven distortion device inspired by the same Tone Bender origins and roots as the D*A*M FS-77 but drawing a little more heavily from the Vox and Rotosound branded variants, expect a little more Olympia theatre raunch per pound.

Deep brooding primitive overdrive tones to piercing full-on fuzz attacks. The Lucifer Rising offers a wide spectrum of timbre and saturation effects all with a very ancient flavour. The Darlington, or Super-Alpha, circuit arrangement delivers large degrees of gain whilst remaining highly controllable with excellent note to note articulation. Each circuit is finely tuned using three NOS British manufactured germanium transistors; from brands such as STC, Newmarket and Mullard. Tonal consistency being our main objective here. As with all EFE sound devices the Lucifer Rising is perfectly suited for operation with both vintage and more modern high output instruments.

As a go-to high gain germanium fuzz box the Lucifer Rising covers a large amount of sonic territory. It can readily dial in the classic three knob Tone Bender flavours of the past, comfortably distort and maintain focus at speed, and hold its composure under the weight of lower frequency tunings. However your desires unravel let Lucifer bring you the light.

All EFE sound devices are built with great care and to high standards using carefully selected components. Please click here if you wish to read more details on our component and hardware selection.