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Emanating Fist Electronics is a D*A*M Stompboxes side project, with the moniker first being used in 2011. Whereas my work with D*A*M is primarily based upon traditional 1950s and 60s construction techniques - the use of Vero board, tag board and tag strip etc, the EFE projects are instead rooted in the 1970s styling and feature the use of printed circuit boards (PCB's)
Drawing influence from the classic British manufacturers that were king in the mid 1970s - Colorsound, Top Gear, Bell Electrolabs etc, EFE devices are presented in rugged over-sized format that will speak to musicians that still favour the overfed style and tones of those days. Solid in appearance and sonic delivery. Something that will hold its own in the fury of live performance, something that will perform like a king under studio scrutiny. Low noise, stable and reliable. Tough, well-fed, but with class.

The construction style is a no nonsense approach. A true 1970s vibe all the way. Overblown enclosures chunky printed circuit boards with clean precise wiring. High quality hardware is used through-out, with components selected for longevity, durability and performance.

Each and every EFE noise maker has the circuit set-up, transistor selection/bias and final assembly and inspection done by David A Main. Each and every Emanating Fist Electronics sound device is produced to the same exacting standards as any D*A*M product would be.

Emanating Fist Electronics. Mighty sounds for the mighty minded.

Information on EFE sound devices can be selected by clicking on the links below.

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