Lets talk compressors

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barney steele
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Lets talk compressors

Post by barney steele »

Thinking about picking up a compressor for my more "shred" oriented rig. I had a modded CS-3 I picked up but couldn't get over how noisey the POS was to really mess with it so I sold it. Was considering going the keeley route based off of how much praise it gets but I'm not sure if it's the best when used with distortion. Any suggestions would be appreciated :tu:
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by Cado »

I'll only use a compressor for clean Fender/Rickenbacker type stuff to get rid of the "plinkyness." The more gain used, the more compression your already getting, I wouldn't use one at all in that situation.
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by pigeontoe »

I don't use one much, but when I do I use a Diamond Comp. It's very flexible . I use it as an EQ tool and a clean boost as well as a compresser.
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by Katri »

personally I like Orange Squeezer comps. but I don't know how well they work with shred.

Are you sure you need a comp? Because if you are just looking to get rid of noise try a gate instead. Also try the comp that you have first in the chain and see what difference that makes.
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by 1bottlerocket »

I have used both the Analogman and Keeley compressors. Analogman makes a version of his compressor with half-saffron squeeze specs, based on the Way Huge model. You have to ask him to build this mod into the compressor.

I liked both compressors and found the Keeley works well with later, brighter, Marshall style amps and high gain situations. I have found the Orange Squeezer works better with Darker voiced amps as it imparts a brighter tone to the signal. This has been my experience with compressors.
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The Captain
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by The Captain »

Dyna Comp.
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by the_original_mr_nice »

The Captain wrote:Dyna Comp.
Or the D*A*M Dyna Comp :tu:
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by pedalenclosures »

+1 on the dynacomp - I built the ross version (check Tonepad for details)

I've built a bunch including an optical one, just keep coming back to the dynacomp/ross one...
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by devnulljp »

The Captain wrote:Dyna Comp.
:tu: :tu: :tu:
They're not as quiet as some, but I've been through dozens of compressors over the years only to find out I had it right the first time.
70s dynacompFTW

(If you want hifi though, the Keeley is good and quite quiet).

Don't put the compressor after dirt though -- super noisy.
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dazed and confused
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Re: Lets talk compressors

Post by dazed and confused »

The Dynacomp is certainly a great compressor. Also great are Orange Squeezers, once you get em set up :tu:

I am currently borrowing this. It is the best Compressor I have ever used:


I want........If only I could find one.
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